Visit Our Place

NOUN is now permanently closed.
Please contact us via email with any outstanding inquiries:

For our final act, and as we say goodbye to our beloved shop, we invite you to enjoy our final piece of performance art: 
(as expressed in a retail setting during late stage capitalism) 

12-4 pm, Thursday, October 21st: DENIAL
No Discounts. Everything is back to regular prices as we are sure this can’t possibly be happening.

12-4 pm, Friday, October 22nd: ANGER
We still can't believe it and now we're also kinda pissed off.
Soapbox rants delivered upon request.

12-4pm, Saturday, October 23rd: BARGAINING
We are slowly moving forward and are now open to offers.
Possibly even insultingly low ones. Try us.

12-4pm, Sunday, October 24th: DEPRESSION
We’re still bargaining. But today,
all purchases come with a tiny pack of tissues.
It’s ok to be sad.

12-4pm, Monday, October 25th: ACCEPTANCE
We have accepted this reality.
You’ll accept anything we choose to send you home with.
It’s all free.

Friday & Saturday October 29th & 30th
from 12-2pm and 5-7pm:
No shopping, just joyful gathering. Join us as we celebrate the 15 year life of our little shop! Come to our wake/calling hours in your best Halloween costume or funeral frockery. We will be dancing, handing out candy, bags of chips, and accepting well-wishes in all forms. Masks required.
Sunday, October 31st:
Private closing service from 4-6. No public allowed.