Covid (& Other) Updates, September 2020

There's a lot going on your world, country, city, family, home, school, work, body, mind, heart...and you are all navigating it the best you can. That is true for us, too.

Here we are in September, almost 6 months since we first shut our doors, and NOUN remains closed. I wish I could tell you when we will open again but any date I give would be arbitrary and moveable so what I'm saying these days is "hopefully before Christmas."

The only thing I can say for sure is that we're not closing right now and we are treating this time like a grand experiment and a wild art project. It's both terrifying and exhilarating. Our hope is that "WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE OF UNKNOWN DELIGHTS."

Here's one of the many precipices we currently find ourselves on:
Our roommates moved out in July leaving us with a whole new space to play with. Will we miss all those free cupcakes? Yes! Will we miss having an angsty millennial to talk to across the wall? Yes! Are we nervous to lose the foot traffic they brought in? Yes! Could their departure kill us? Maybe? Are we super excited to execute a new vision in a space that is ALL ours? HELL YES!

Here's another one:
You're visiting a brand new online shop. One that we hope will be easier for you to navigate, less troublesome for you to use and ensure more longevity and flexibility for us. We built it ourselves and we're likely to start getting emails and calls about how something isn't working right, but we're ready for it. It'll be nothing compared to what will happen when we roll out the new system in the shop with real people standing in front of us. YIKES!

And another one:
We have decided to never return to a 7 day work week. It's too much. It's definitely too much if we also need to run a functioning online store. Even if things "go back to normal" we hope that normal won't mean we stop taking care of ourselves. As a small biz who has to compete with giant retailers that are open long hours and who are available to their customers 24/7, shortening our foot traffic hours could be detrimental to our bottom line but the alternative is detrimental to our health so we're going with it. 

That's it for now! Let's keep going!

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